I’ve been trying out It’s full of content from America which makes it hard to get my teeth into. Whilst I like to expand my horizons, a lot of the content doesn’t resonate that strongly (yet). Time for some UK presence. I worried for at least ten minutes over what I might post on my own time line. I’m not a ‘thought leader’ or a politics guru so where should I begin? Anyway, what is Medium? An agency/means/method/channel? It’s a clever name, certainly. It’s founders Ev Williams and Biz Stone created Twitter so it’s a publishing platform, perhaps a second stage movement for those finally frustrated by 140 characters?

I opted for an old favourite. The clean simplicity of ‘Medium’ reminds me of dear old ‘Posterous’ so I’ve tried out another old favourite — sharing a story. It felt like all those American Medium-ites might need some escapist fiction to get away from all the show-boating of the Presidential Campaign or perhaps that’s just an unconscious irony on my part. So far no-one has taken the bait.

I’ve shared three stories before including my Welsh Road Movie and The Tattooed Seagull on the now defunct, much missed Posterous. Neither made big ripples in my social media pond and as far as I know they were not widely read or shared. So, no-one likes my writing, that’s not why I shared. I write a lot, and have done so for a long time, poetry, stories, ‘head films’ (the ones that play in your head when you’re having trouble sleeping) I assume lots of other people are like me and do the same. Not in the intense focused #NaNoWriMo sense but in the writing/breathing sense. I write to clear my head and because it does seem a little weird to invest so much time writing stuff and then not to give them a chance to go out in the world. It’s not like I’m writing dark, haunting biographical fantasies (sorry if that’s your thing), just stories. Simple as.

Remotely curious, looking for some summer distraction? Well here I am on Medium, do give my two posts a whirl and let me know what you think



Have I given you a ‘marmite moment’ or left you utterly indifferent? I only ask because it’s summer and it’s a good time for sharing. If like me you write stories that need letting out into the daylight too then feel free to join me on Medium and connect. Jx