Open Organizations, hurting or helping?


In an open organization not all information and projects created goes straight through a boss. Everyone in an open organization is challenged to contribute their ideas and always work on them to improve and make them better. Instead of being ran by a boss, open organizations are ran by leaders. These leaders want to see everyone’s ideas and use them to make their company the best they possibly can while also knowing the ideas can ALWAYS be improved upon. Open organizations are ran from the bottom up where the employees come up with the ways to improve the company and the person at the “top” listens and helps to improve upon these ideas. Red Hat is an example of an open organization and it is ran under meritocracy. meritocracy distributes people based on their abilities instead of on seniority or politics.

Are Open Organizations helping?

Open organizations are helping because they listen to every single persons ideas and judge them off of their skills and abilities instead of placing them in positions just based of of how long they have worked for the company. It helps improve the businesses because the “man at the top” is a part of a group and not just a dictator. Everyone gets to have a say and help run the company to the best of its ability.

But are Open Organizations Hurting?

A negative aspect of open organizations is sometimes it takes a lot longer to come up with solutions and methods to make the company great. If everyone pitches their ideas they will several times get sent back to the drawing board to improve upon these ideas. The problem with this is it takes time so that could hurt the company. However, in the long run the additional time put in will greatly benefit the company because they spent longer working on their projects and worked harder instead of just going with a simple solution to get it done and over with quickly.


Open Organizations are helpful because in the long run they are extremely beneficial to their companies. They are hurtful because it takes a lot of time to develop the best ideas. All and all they are a great idea and many companies should become OPEN in order to achieve more innovation and develop more ideas from people. Who knows the guy at the bottom of the company may have the best ideas! He could even be president one day if he can only share his thoughts!