Dear Reader, I knew you never really loved us but I thought it didn’t matter
Peter Fray

I think if journalists messed up anything, it was trying to keep up with the rise of fake and sensational news while trying to preserve journalistic ethics. You can’t write a clickbait headline, and then decent copy below it. It has to be all BS or none at all.

What will happen to journalism in the future, I believe, is that good reporters will settle into niches, accept that there are pockets of audience which we can curate and learn how to communicate with using a blend of editorial and original reporting, and be the voices of those niches. If we are competing with everyday citizens publishing curated collections of news on Twitter and Facebook, then we must understand that our role is to make their timelines as a source; not to be a catchall resource for a variety of people.

Journalism is no longer rock and roll or hip-hop; it’s jazz. And our goal is to find a way to get sampled in today’s pop music, not to make the top 40.

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