Photo by Trevor McKinnon on Unsplash

When the Sun rises and lights the sky,
When nighttime shadows burn away,
When the mind sees through open eyes,
The world of dreams blinks away.
In moments of silent sighs and quiet goodbyes
We remember nothing is ever meant to stay.

The Sun shines day after day,
Dreams emerge as we begin our play,
Bleeds through as we play our part,
Hides beneath the words we say.
Secret whispers from the heart
Birth new stages for our stories to play.

Never quite aware of all the twisted plots, The future emerges from our private thoughts And whispers of memories…

Photo by Josh Nuttall on Unsplash

Judge the Darkness or the Light
you cut off half your life
Do not disdain the Darkness
or blinded by the Brightness
Taste the pain to savor the Light.

Know the Dark night
The Light always comes
Merge both. It’s not a fight
Two inseparable Ones.

Lifetimes in the Light
sometimes in the Dark
Woven over time
both are fine.

All know Darkness
goodness and Light
When it becomes too bright
balance the Dark and Light
Find the Light when all is Dark.

Dark Night of the Soul for a day or a million more Let go of who…

John L Dahle

Former rocket scientist, composer, sailor, and tech consultant reflecting on love and life… living in Sausalito on San Francisco Bay.

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