allows me to express my anxieties and separate myself from them a little
How I’ve dealt with my Anxiety
John Horan

For me this has been key. It is so important to separate your true self from this illness. It is a battle every day, but its a battle that can be won most days (with the right coping tools, as you’ve said.)

Thanks for sharing. I think it’s really great that you teach children meditation, too. I’ve found sometimes I can help others better than I can help myself, but the good news is that helping others in and of itself is a very healing thing. Sometimes helping others reminds me how to help myself.

A friend of mine told me, in reference to all the anxieties I have about being the cause of someone’s death, “Thats a really huge responsibility and thats why it’s Gods, not yours. You need to give it back to Him” Sometimes those words help me see these thoughts for what they really are. Although sometimes my OCD seems too big to see past, God is so much bigger. Thanks for reminding me of that. And thanks for spreading some hope and positivity on the topic…

Keep on keepin’ on my friend :)