Yup, bookmarks have gotten a bit more difficult to get to than before, this is true.
Jason Fried

Thanks Jason.

Please do consider adding bookmarks back ASAP, i used them everyday and frankly if people didn’t use them often it’s probably because they didn’t know they could.

So for me to now get to my To-do’s I have to go to the homepage, select my project and then select to do’s. 3 clicks, 3 page loads. Or i can go to the bookmarks by going to the homepage and selecting bookmarks and select to-do’s. 3 clicks, 3 page loads. So in what way is it a bookmark if it takes the same amount of time to access? Please do correct me if I’m wrong because I would LOVE a quicker route. But as i see it, by placing the bookmarks page as a separate page you’ve essentially made bookmarks pointless and you won’t see usage go up because people won’t use it if it isn’t quicker…ensuring you won’t add this feature back.

It may not have been used a lot but it was used a LOT by the people who do use it. Many of us are on the go and don’t see this as a helpful change.

Otherwise we love basecamp, please show us some love back. ❤

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