My first year in college

When I first came to FSW I was afraid because I did not know many people except for one guy whom I knew since high school. As I walked around I began to recognize a few people from my school that I was never really close with. I began to worry about what i will do during my time here and i wasn’t really a people person.

The first week of college I was extremely nervous. My first class was mathematics and I wanted to give up immediately because I disliked math very much and I knew that I would struggle with it. I did have a bit of luck since my professor was very laid back, Professor Zamor. He was very strict on attendance and coming tardy to class so I knew that I had to come to class on time. My second class was, of course, Professor Ortolano. When I first met Professor Ortolano I was mind blown because he seemed pretty cool for a professor. When i got through both of my classes i thought to myself that this is going to be easier than i thought.

During my time at FSW, i became good friends with the people that i wasn’t close with in high school.They are the ones who shape me to be where i am right now. I have become more active in school activities and in my classes. My friends showed me how important it is to be focus in school. We would always study and at the same time have a little fun just so we don’t get stress out too much.

Throughout the semester i started getting in the habit of doing my homework for class and studying for my tests. This surprised me because previously in high school i did not turn my work in time nor study for tests and quizzes. In my classes i learned how important it is to manage my time and how important it is to turn my work in. I gained much knowledge and I knew that if I put effort into the work i can pass my classes. My first semester in college change me completely. My eyes are now open to see the real world and now i am more social and more active in my school work.

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