You claim that Visible is changing into IR is unsupported. YOUR cite does not say this!
Regarding the cite you sent Did you read it?
Bud Williams

From the article:

Earth receives the same amount of energy via insolation (all forms of electromagnetic radiation) as it emits via atmospheric and terrestrial radiation (shifted to longer electromagnetic wavelengths) to space.

What does “shifted” mean? It means that the shorter wavelengths in sunlight are absorbed by the Earth and re-radiated as longer (IR) wavelength EM radiation.

This is the heart of my argument and one which you say doesn’t exist. In the diagram, sunlight is represented as yellow and IR radiation is represented as red. Note that the Earth emits 398.2 W/m² and 340.3 W/m² comes back (trapped by GHGs). Now do you get it?

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