The fact that white surface reflect more radiation than black surfaces doesn’t help you either.
“The answer to my first question is that in the Easy Bake oven, the medium is air (just as it is in…
Bud Williams

It does; it goes to the heart of my argument. White surfaces reflect more visible light, making less visible light available for absorption. White surfaces are cooler.

Your premise is that visible light in sunlight makes minimal contribution to heat so that increased GHGs will actually cool the Earth.

I claim that sunlight is absorbed by the Earth’s surface and is reradiated as IR. I give you two real world examples, which I suspect most people have experienced to back my premise. I include white vs. black surfaces because those represent the extremes in terms of the visible light photons.

I also (for the 4th time?) point you to the NASA Earth Energy Budget diagram where you can do the math yourself.

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