Monday Objective

In two weeks I’ll run my first half marathon. It’s been a year of firsts. I opened my first restaurant. Sold my first story. And now this. Check back for 500 or so words a day on putting in the final preparatory miles.

This is part 2. For part 1.

Mondays are tough days. For everyone. For most people because it is hard to go back to work after the weekend break; to wake up early for the commute after a few days without alarm clocks.

For me it is more like the end of my week. It’s a long day, and I do it mostly by myself. I empty, wash, and reorganize the storage areas. I set clean lists for prep and orders and I arrange the next two days of work for my team. I like to do this work on my own. Quietly. Carefully. Getting everything right.

Monday is also the day of my recovery run. A year ago the idea of a recovery run was a very foreign concept. I was basically incapable of running two consecutive days, instead I did any necessary recovery from a couch.

Mondays are still the run that I think most often about skipping. They hurt, and my day is long. I almost never do though. The first couple of miles sometimes feel like unnecessary punishment but the last few are always my favorite of the week as the difficult warm up evolves into an easy, but progressively faster, stretch to get back on track for the week ahead.

Mondays are calm at the restaurant and on the road afterwards. Plenty of good work gets done, at an even pace. Sundays are hectic. Line out the door pace. But an abbreviated service period. We wrap up for the week at 3pm. Nothing like Saturdays where we have every seat filled from 8am until just about midnight. I celebrate the truncated workload with my weekly long run. Up to two hours added to my shift. Two hard hours. Mondays I run to recover.

I meant for this Monday to be like any other. But I have a race in 13 days. A race that will set a benchmark for the year ahead. I have 61 days until the of what should amount to be the best year of my life. A difficult one, but an accomplished one. A year filled with new businesses, and best of lists. Every list I could have wished for at this early stage; and a few I hadn’t before heard of.

Today, recovery sounded more like a New Year’s Resolution than a Monday objective. So today, after yesterday’s 14.5 miles, was a personal best 10k run instead.

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