The Leon Project: Big Data for Social Science
José Duarte, PhD

This is amazing and exactly what I have been searching the internet for! I’m an undergrad major in LER pondering the I/O psych realm for grad school — unfortunately, my tech skills are not that great.

I keep “searching” for some sort of application I can use to scan through the massive online library reserves I have access to. I’ve been picking apart the Big 5 personality index, content and predictive validity, and as you can imagine: finding scientific articles based on keywords alone is ridiculous; especially when looking for dissenting (evidenced based) opinions on a secular “truth”.(I have an educated hunch that some of the popular screening methods might actually be keeping an “invisible” type(s) of talented individual out of the employment realm — — which also means there’s a possibility we could accurately measure those “incalculable” characteristics, which hasn’t been done yet). What’s even harder in this ordeal is that I’m pulling information from multiple areas of psychology in order to link the supporting data.

However- after 3 months of research and note taking; I found the first major correlation stuffed at the bottom of a seemingly unrelated study. It was monumental to me, I did a jumping jack and yelped! It seemed like fate: and that’s when it hit me. What exists….right in front of our eyes, that most people just can’t easily access?? It’s scary and wasteful.

I think your plan is amazing! If you ever want some college students to help you code; I can try to help. From what I’ve seen (remember, no tech background) it looks like a lot of symbolic logic which I am lightly familiar with. I do however, write a lot of my research notes in my own form of “folk logic”. Shapes clear the air of the letter-heavy mugginess, especially when trying to reverse engineer something.

Your example of the code up top looked relatively easy to learn and self-explanatory to me; so if you wouldn’t mind teaching a newbie; I would be more than happy to read, code, learn and make= all in the name of science and accessible learning!

PS- I have no idea what topics interest you under within social psychology:minorities; but most of the studies I have in my collection have minorities in them; extremely varied socio-demographic factors: children- adults, college students to adult employees, cross-cultural gifted education in the United States to a multinational study of O.E’s based on K. Dabrowski's Theory of Positive Disintegration; as well as the data behind some popular employment assessments. If you are interested in them, I can make master-list and send it your way.