I See Black People
Beau Johnson

I See ALL People.

Is that wrong? Because I was taught to look beyond skin color, language, religion, etc.

I am the product of many races and ethnic backgrounds, but I don’t dredge up the past to label myself. I’m not an “Asian-American” or a “Native American” or even refer back to my Greek, Scottish, French, or whatever is in there blood. That stuff was so 18th and 19th Century.

I am an American. Period. End. Of. Sentence.

My first impression when meeting someone new is boils down to whether or not they have a smile and an approachable demeanor. You’re either nice, or not; a good person or a malicious one. I honestly do NOT look at skin color, and don’t like being told that I should, when I’ve spent the last 50+ years giving everyone I meet a fair shake.

(I also do not look at policemen and see people who target Blacks. Everyone gets a chance in my world.)

I am so confused. I thought this was a ‘post-racial’ time, when in actuality, everyone wants to divide up, remember things that happened decades or centuries ago, and point fingers. Instead of working together to make things better, they want to continue segregation.

And this helps us, how?

So, yes, I see ALL people. I will continue to see ALL people.

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