I Was A Bad Medium Contributor in 2017

But I promise I will reform

2017 was a whirlwind, wasn’t it?

New president that a lot of people don’t like; new experiences (some good, some not so); new economic trends (some good, some not so). I felt adrift most of the time. Or I’d hurriedly bounce from one disaster to another, a very bad firefighter of sorts. It’s a good time for someone with adult ADD.

2017 wasn’t a horrible year, but it wasn’t extraordinarily good either. Just “blah.” Kinda “meh.” Bland like white bread, without flavor like McDonald’s. It was difficult to find the Muse and ask her to sprinkle me with fairy dust. Some days I could barely drag my sorry ass out of bed.

The triggers to a bad mood are many and last year — stupid. Like taking a business call and having the person not able to express their wants and desires. (Dude, just spit it out.) Or watching kids who cannot write because they don’t teach cursive anymore. (Dude, find a nun.) Or listening to the young talk about “on-boarding” or “meetings” or “hacks.” (Dude, just speak English.) I wished for annoying brats to play in my yard so I could yell at them (Dude, get off my lawn!) but I don’t see many kids playing (or walking, or biking) outside these days. They are all looking at machines. (Dude, what if the Internet blows up? Do you know what a book is?)

It’s been a frustrating time, as witnessed by the last page of my Hobonichi.

Bye-bye 2017

These are the excuses I’m falling back on to explain why I was a bad Medium contributor. They are, of course, just lame-o excuses.

I’m glad it’s over and I can concentrate on 2018.

I do not believe in resolutions; I believe in action. I believe in being better.

And so I will be…