Does Euthanasia Promote more Death?

Where there are supporters there will usually be opponents. This will almost always be the case as long as humans exist. Not to say that humans are flawed, but with each individual having different upbringings and each having their own diverse personalities not all of them will see eye to eye. It does not mean that one person or one side is right or that other side is wrong. What comes down to is what an individual values or believes to be a stronger argument. In regards to euthanasia, a highly controversial topic there are also supporters and opponents. Since both sides have their own strong arguments it is up to you as a reader to explore both sides and see what clicks with you more. My question is whether we should legalize euthanasia in more states. On one side are the supporters (pro) and on the other side are the opponents (con). My focus here will the opponents and some of the arguments they use. What they want is to prevent the legalization of euthanasia and removal of existing laws that allow for euthanasia.

Many of opponents fear that by legalizing euthanasia there will be a lot of implications. Others argue for religious or more bias reasons towards death. One of the main arguments the opponents use is that legalizing euthanasia would not just apply to terminally ill patients. They fear that by legalizing it more than just terminally ill patients would have access to euthanasia. Having euthanasia be readily available for people other than the targeted populace (terminally ill patients) could have severe repressions depending on who else gets access. Another argument the opponents use is that by legalizing euthanasia it would desensitize the populace and degrade the value of life. What this means is that by allowing for people to die and making death a more common occurrence people would care less about life and death. Opponents have actually compared it to the holocaust which was an incident in which millions were killed. In the process most of those involved were desensitized and did not hold much regard to life as they treated others as if they were nothing more than an trash. Another argument the opponents use is comparing euthanasia to homicide. Although a terminally ill patient is bound to die soon the process of euthanasia shortens it by prematurely taking their life. Though this is technically true it only applies to active euthanasia where the physician actually injects the patient compared to passive euthanasia where the patient dies from omission (withdrawal of water and food). Another argument that opponents use is that by legalizing euthanasia, suicide rates will increase. Opponents claim that when supporters use propaganda like “Death with Dignity” or “Taking Control” it encourages teenagers to suicide by making death seem like a answer.

Of all their arguments I listed I believe that the first one (legalizing euthanasia and having it apply to more than just terminally ill patients) I mentioned is the most persuasive. While the other reasons do not go unnoticed the first one seems most likely to be an issue. In a previous blog I actually mentioned an incident that actually applies to this argument which is why I believe this fear is warranted and to be more persuasive than the others.

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