Provide customers with what they want- when they need it {Customer Support}

Customers seem to be mistaken about Customer Support. Its not your fault that it took hours to get on the phone with you, and its not your fault that the connection’s bad and no one can hear you.

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But even if it isn’t your fault you have to keep your customers happy. So let the customers choose how and when to communicate with you. Companies like allow multiple platforms to communicate with one central hub, letting you sit back and relax as you just take in messages. These platforms include SMS, Slack, even Email. Through messaging, the customer doesn’t need to wait to communicate with you and can go offline until you’re ready to message back. If you do need to talk, there’s always the option to call. This lets you relax and gives the customers a choice in what to do.

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But this notion of letting the customer choose isn’t limited to just customer support. All companies need an “about us” page, a place where customers can find all the information they need about the company whether that be the addresses of its stores or how to contact customer support. But too much information can crowd a page and make it unreadable, whereas too little information can leave customers confused or bewildered at what to do. The solution? Let the customer choose what they can see. Companies like the aforementioned hands the reins over to the customer and lets them choose the information they need. It’s as simple as that, and it removes the stress of picking out information from a crowded or looking for information that’s not there.

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The idea of the “Customer is King” has persisted through the ages. A king makes the decisions, and letting the customers choose has worked exceptionally well for Microsoft and other companies. If profit, an IPO, or a growing company are all within your sights, then give the customers as much choice as you can.

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