The blackhole effect [Customer Support]

Blackholes once blazed with the power of a million suns. Or so we think. They are mysterious, never letting anything they absorb out, and this property drives the scientists who study them nuts. But this shrouds them in a cloak and lends to their allure. Still, its a tell when your customer support acts like a black hole your company is failing.

Everyone’s had it happen to them, and if you haven’t than you must have at least heard of it. A customer’s worst nightmare, and the companies’ too. The “blackhole” effect occurs when a customer sends their hopes, their aspirations, their wishes to customer support and never receives an answer. A blackhole is mysterious, because anything that it absorbs never comes back out. Similarly, customer support can be just as inscrutable and leads to frustration on both ends of the customer-company cycle.

Black holes have actually, to my knowledge, never sucked up any money. If you’ve lost your money into a black hole, please share your story.

When customer support absorbs the questions and requests made for them by their customers and never return them they become a black hole.

Why is this a problem? The question should be more appropriately phrased “Who is this a problem to?” or “Don’t you want to get rich faster?”. Companies work because they provide services customers need, and whether that service be for leisure or work or life in general, customers are always the main priority. Even if they aren’t they should be priority number two or three. Take, for example, a game. In the alpha and beta stages of this game customer support is essential to effectively share the information on how to improve the game from the players to the people who can fix the game… the game developers. Afterwards during the playing stages of the game, great customer support engages, reinforces, strengthens, and grows the players into hardcore fans. It’s the customer service experience and its why you need to care.

It’s ironic where this image comes from

When customers feel that their questions aren’t being answered or they aren’t receiving the help they need or deserve, they understandably get frustrated. They’re customers, its what they do. The job of the company is to make sure they never reach that point.

But how? Traditional attempts have not been found to be a great help, even being used as a joke in society.


Of course, each company needs a customer support for their customers and for their branding. It’s up to the company to wrack their creative minds on their customer support. But a new niche has formed in the past few years filled with companies dedicated to helping other companies with their customer support. I personally like

but there are many, many others including


It’s your choice to use these companies to support your company, or find different companies to help or even just try to use your own customer support. Just remember, don’t be scared away from the unknown companies just because they’re new. Just remember- they have great customer support.

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