American Policing is Broken

I’m getting so tired of writing posts like this, about clear abuses of power like this one. The police in this country are out of control, full stop. Now, some people are happy with this. They think “blue lives matter, authority should be respected, who are you to judge when you’re not in the moment.” They’re wrong, of course, and in a way that should be insulting to any good police we have left in this nation. Officers are given great power, but they are compensated for the risk they take, a risk that is less than many other industries face. They should be given great responsibility to go along with that power, and great accountability to make sure they live up to the trust we put in them.

This is not the case.

The tools police should be using to keep us safe are instead being used to keep them safe. They cover up their misdeeds, murder with impunity, and lash out and risk the lives of any who dare break the code of silence. They steal from us, both through the unconscionable asset forfeiture and through poverty taxes taking the form of traffic violations and fees. They lie and face no sanction, yet are given broad deference by the police, media, and even technology companies like Facebook.

They are the American Praetorian Guard and we know how this story ends. They must be brought to heel, and soon, because they no longer serve, they oppress. They are a cancer on our justice system, and we know enough about alternate policing models to know that this is not the way it has to be. This is a choice, made in the name of white supremacy, and supported by media complicity and prosecutorial abuse.

It is wrong, and every day brings some fresh atrocity. I work each day trying and failing to make a dent in the damage and I come home each night and try to anesthetize the pain away. And right now I don’t even have that, coming home to an empty apartment, without vice or valor to distract me from the sorrow the state of things makes me feel.

If I could cry, I would weep for us. As is, I just hurt.

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