I saw an article titled “marriage decision a shot across the bow for LGBTs” or something and sometimes I forget that people think this is a battle that ends. That some day we LGBTQ folk will be able to let down our guard against those who hate us. But they will never stop coming for us, because they never have stopped coming for us. This fight is ancient, literally.

LGBTQ people inherently disrupt patriarchal systems. And the Roman imperialist foundations of the noxious strain of evangelical christianity referred to as “Western Culture” are where we get the term patriarchy for a reason. It is not unique to Rome but they did a damn good job perfecting it. Patriarchy has survived by destroying the histories of any weaker strains of that thought plague. The Etruscans had greater equality between men and women; Rome annihilated their language and their history. Greece was too masculinist for their take on a patriarchy to win out in the end, but as a consolation prize Rome just pruned their history, adapting their culture to fit the narrative.

The narrative that Rome was right. That the order set by the men at the head of the state were orders being set by the actual gods.

For millennia there has been a war on history, on reality, and it has been waged by a system that relies on its adherents not recognizing it for the dogmatic lie that it is. And we queers and trannies and gender outlaws are one front of that existential battle. The nazis didn’t invent book-burning. There’s a reason the Library of Alexandria was razed. And that reason is that even a history of our existence threatens their goals. We must forever be something new, a perversion of a perpetual present. But that lie gets glaringly obvious really fast when you realize that we’re as ancient as humanity.

“It is divine right that man be ascendant over woman” is an utter lie. It extends to our romantic bindings, which is why queer people must not exist {<which one of you is the man?>}. It requires there to be a clean line between man and woman, which is why nonbinary people must not exist {<no but which one are you really?>}. And it requires there to be no ability to change your status in this hierarchy, which is why transgender people must not exist {<have you had ~the surgery~ yet?>}.

But we do exist. We have always existed. And that’s why they can never stop fighting us. Destroy our history and we just make more. And we don’t even do it to fight! We just want and deserve happy lives, just like anyone else.

But we must never forget this fight is eternal. We fight an idea and it is older and stronger and more powerful than any one of us individually, and it has done what it can to keep our coalition scattered. But LGBTQ people as a whole are older than it is. And in the end, patriarchy will die before we do. Because we’re a quirk of nature. And patriarchy is just a particularly nasty meme.

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