Ways to stay connected with people when you’re home alone

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Humans don’t cope well with isolation. The problem with social distancing is that it can make you go stir crazy. Experience cabin fever, crushing loneliness, deep depression. You may get irritable with your kids. Your cat may get irritable with you.

Of course, you could binge watch shows on Netflix. You could debate the government’s response to COVID-19 with your elderly aunt on Facebook. You could obsessively watch the news. You’re probably going to do all that anyway.

What you need is some way to connect with other people, in…

Yes, I’m looking at you, mindful workplaces

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When I work with students learning the Kanban Method, I ask them to list their “sources of dissatisfaction” at the start of the class.

The answers are eerily similar regardless of their organization’s size, industry, global location, or level of sophistication: too much work, late delivery, lack of predictability, lack of clarity about the incoming work, delays in the system.

All of it relates to workload.

Related to this, they express shame, anger, and frustration. They talk about the pressure they are under and the unhappiness of managers, executives, and customers. …

When I was first playing around with the Kanban Method, I wondered: Is it best to track large initiatives (aka features, epics), projects (aka stories), or tasks on the Kanban board? Ten years later, I think it is still a good question.

A Kanban system has, among other things, effective visualization and flow. Effective visualization means that you can see the work that is planned and in progress. You can see the status of work that the customer values. Ideally you don’t have to hunt for key work items among a sea of tickets on the board.

Effective flow means…

Janice Linden-Reed

Globe trotting (Seattle-based) spa rat. Optimizing work usually via Kanban Method. Current activities @ readyoption.com. Available for Lean & Agile program mgmt

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