How Do I Know My Myers Briggs Personality Test Result Is Accurate?

Did you ever take a personality test, like the MBTI or another, that gives a four letter code that looked something like this: INFP, ESTJ, ENTP ? After you took one of those tests, did you receive a brief description of your type that was accurate in some ways, but was either too general — or didn’t really describe you at all? Maybe you took your test results home and forgot about them. Or, if the results captured your interest, perhaps you tried to learn more about them but were confused about what percent of each letter you were — 51% Thinking — 49% Feeling, for example, or how it all worked — and gave up, because it wasn’t really that helpful?

Unfortunately, millions of people have taken the first leg of the journey of personality type (through a test) and never arrived at the true destination: a better understanding of themselves and others by applying what they learn to every aspect of life!

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