Discourse, an example
Mustefa Jo'shen

Mustefa, now just imagine how disappointed some of those companies may feel when they learn how you frame them (with or without understanding their motivations, intentions, situations, environments, etc). And again, the isolated island city with a homogeneous make up is a perfect example where your “photo shaming” practice starts to break down — maybe they don’t want to hire someone to commute 3 hours by ferry from Vancouver, or don’t have the strongest feelings about working remotely. And yet, they fall prey to your roster of “othered” companies that you use to demonstrate to the world to stay clear of. Consider me their advocate for a more interesting conversation.

And yea, by poking holes in your work of course I’m being constructive. Sometimes constructiveness hurts when some precious blocks have to be removed or rebuilt. What’s not constructive are boring positive comments like “excellent”, “nice work” and “keep it up”.

I’ll buy you coffee next time around if you ever wish to continue the conversation offline. I know you hold the topic dear and know way more about it than I do. :)

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