They made me love it

Yesterday I realized there is nothing for me to watch. Not really good thought if you have errands to run, company to look after and training to do. But the truth is the truth — can’t live without tv shows which now became mostly internet series. When Netflix and Amazon are producing the best series of all times, tv series are no longer used for small screen. So I came back to two shows that were airing very long but never really bought me.

When I “ate” most of the recently published series I started to look for something else, something that maybe in some way avoided me for long time or maybe I was avoiding it on purpose. Hyped by youtube ads and explainers I looked for first episode of new Marvel’s Agents of Shield season. When I heard they will present new ghost rider who will be inspired by new design from Marvel Now comic books my first thought was: OK, let’s give it a shot! And because of just one character they made ortodoxic marvel fan who hates their product their new fan. I watched only two first episodes of first season and it was completely rubbish! I stopped and was waiting for something special — here it is. New Ghost Rider is brutal, fun to watch, well played and he is completely badass. If you hate Nic Cage movies you have to see that one, it’s waaaaaaay better than cinema version.

In the same evening I came back to series I left long time ago. American Horror Story was very promising and from the beginning it looked like one of the best horror series in tv history. I loved it especially that also my wife (who is the worst horror fan) liked to watch it. So we started our cruel and bloody adventure with season one, which was the best scary stories I have ever seen. Haunted house, demonic presence, 80s horror easter eggs and great actors were just some of the advantages. The power of the tv series stayed with season two which were placed in freaky and scary as hell Asylum. Unfortunately magic of AHS stopped during season three (based on Salem Witches story) and completely disappeared after that. Season three, four and five were just feckless hybrids that even didn’t get close to majesty of first episodes. So why season six? Mostly because of the title: Roanoke. If you are not familiar with this native America’s story go to wikipedia right now. Roanoke is the island where first English colonies stayed and make their trade and cultural contacts with native Americans, more precisely Kroatan tribe. After couple of years, bigger or smaller incidents friendship ended, but some of the Kroatanians went to England as ambassadors. When all attempts to colonize the island failed, last ship that came to Roanoke discovered that previous inhabitants from England that stayed in the colony disappeared. No signs of fighting, no signs of their private things, nothing. Just writing on the wall: CROATOAN. New AHS season is based on that story showing us two main characters played by fantastic Cuba Gooding Jr and Sarah Paulson who obviously bought a house near Roanoke region.

Weekend is coming so if you waiting for next big thing by HBO called Westland, just ended watching Stranger Things and Mr Robot — you should look into new Marvel stuff which is justed pure fun and sixth season of AHS which is thrilling and very exciting.