Reading key to the follow up of Christ in the midst of any difficulty what do virgin people teach us to the church?

Reading key to the follow up of Christ in the midst of any difficulty what do virgin people teach us to the church? That’s an important question. Pongámos The example of one of the most invoked martyrs in the field of chastity in St. Agnes. She is a virgin of only 14 years pains for being of her divine husband always. The tradition tells that it denied a pretence of the son of the governor of the city to marry it because it was already married with a stronger than the princes of this world.

She crowned her life by preferring martyrdom rather than violating the Covenant she had made with Jesus Christ and with her refusal to offer sacrifices to pagan gods. His virginity shows us a soul full of desires of belonging to someone. Desires that lead her to choose the palm of martyrdom because she was certain that only God who seduced her would give her a bigger prize. But what does Santa Inés teach us?

The reading of the lauds for his feast tells us: “That the Virgins choose Christ as true husband” “I want to be alone with Christ” this in a great mystery.

What’s it like today?
Today this is a very difficult language to make people understand. They wonder: How is it possible that there are men and women who choose to be virgins for the Kingdom of heaven?

In fact, for the one who does not have the eyes of the faith is very difficult. You don’t understand. It is closed in a purely naturalistic view of human sexuality forgetting the main purpose: to love. The gift of virginity for the one who has chosen to be a virgin is the greatest gift he makes to God and the church. He does not renounce being a father, he is a father in fullness, because he develops the true sense of fatherhood: love.

The woman who chooses virginity and renounces marriage, does not because he does not find someone, does, because he has discovered that someone with whom I could develop his call to be a mother in fullness. Consecrated maternity is developed with total delivery. With the gift of herself to others. So both marriage and conjugal union are destined for love. Those who choose virginity are called to develop a deeper vocation to love.

A virgin. A Virgin for the Kingdom of Heaven repeats with joy in her daily life: “You have called me to marry in a bridal bed.” You invite me to be free from vanity. You want to share with me the poverty of the manger, the Virgin purity and the obedience of the cross.

This is the great end of consecrated virginity, love. The love become gerund, ie, with an undivided heart indivisum in SE. Really love. Let us not forget to pray for them and to encourage them to be faithful to the great vocation they have received.

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