September 1, 2020

Jackson’s Journey in Dr. Miller’s Class

I enjoyed my first week in Dr. Miller’s class and was so glad that I actually was able to go to campus for a face to face class since all of my other ones are remote due to Covid. I like having guest speakers from all different professions (Tyson) so that I can hear about what they are doing in the Agricultural field or any other field. Being from Stuttgart, I have been surrounded by rice and wheat fields and combines all of my life. I have also seen massive amounts of people that flood our town during duck season. And…no, I am not a duck hunter if that is what you are thinking. I know…shock huh??? I have left that up to my older brother.

I think this class will offer lots of ideas and options that I may not have thought about for a career choice. I am interested in being a crop scout but who knows… that could change. Do I want to come back to the rice and duck capital and work, probably not, too small for me!

I liked the jokes in class instead of the math problems ha. I learned a little more about myself after the personality test and might just agree with most of it. I like hearing all of the different majors of the people in class and look forward to other guest speakers because, who knows, I might just change my mind completely on what I want to be when I grow up! Ugh do I have to grow up???




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Jackson McMinn

Jackson McMinn

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