One way I’m going to make 2018 a better year.

Write one blog post a month.

As I sit here in Buffalo Niagara International Airport writing this blog post on the back of an old merchant application, I can’t stop thinking about the future.

2017 kicked my butt in more ways than I care to remember, and like always it got me thinking. What good are the lessons we forget?

The Office via Giphy

To me, this year was a few things. It was change, loss, redemption, adventure, and closure. There were many teachable moments this year, and it’s about time I document them in a way that keeps me honest and accountable. My goal is to pull this off by writing one blog post each month in 2018.

This same time last year, I drafted a tweet about how ‘despite my overactive think-tank, I’m going to stop procrastinating on this blog thing. I worry too much about finding a voice, and identifying a voice. So, it took me all damn year to just get started; right here in this crowded airport as I wait to board a flight home. Hey, if Jerry Seinfeld created a show about nothing, and Wale released an about a show that’s about nothing, I figure I should just stop worrying and start writing. My plan for the new year is simple:

So here’s to blogging in 2018. Here’s to blogging about personal growth, success and most importantly, my failures. Trying to find passion in work and balance in life!

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