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Startup weekend Perth

It’s 6:49. I’m about to head to the gym, when I recieve an unexpected a phone call from my friend, a successful investor and business advisor.

He explains to me in few words about the fact that he was going to startup weekend, and that he thinks I’d enjoy the weekend.

His passion has me enthralled, but never having been to a startup weekend I’m somewhat hesitant to sign up right away.

Eventually I decide to give up a weekend’s worth of free time to come help him on this crazy adventure.

Two weeks later, my friend is about to pitch an idea in front of the croud of startup weekend participants. The idea is brilliant and I have no doubt he’ll execute it brilliantly. …

Adapted from a talk given at Moodle Moot AU in Melbourne, Australia.

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Moodle Moot AU Melbourne Presentation

I was a developer at Moodle HQ for 3 and a half years — and enjoyed it a lot. Prior to that, I studied Computer Science and Games Technology for 3 years, and my final year project was an educational game. This left me with a hunger to change the world through gamification of education.

At Moodle HQ, we were given ‘project weeks’ to work on and experiment with anything moodle-related we want. So I was able to realise my passion for educational games.

Entertainment vs. Education

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We can learn a lot from games, to increase the quality and engagement of our education

When designing educational games, there’s a balance we have to make between entertainment and education: Entertainment increases engagement, and keeps you coming back. But without education, there’s no substance or purpose. …


John Okely

Head of Engineering at HealthEngine. Previously: Engineering Manager at HealthEngine. https://johnok.com/

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