Goals for 2017

Can you believe it? 2016 has begun just a few days ago and it’s already on the end! Some people it’s already thinking that they didn’t change anything on their lives, other one are wasting tons of money on their happy new year clothes!

For me, 2016 was an interesting year but let’s move on, I’ll write a small story about it later!

As I’ve told you, I wrote a new article called: “2016 it’s almost ending…” take a look on the following link!


So 2017!!

This days are the days where other group of people starts to thinking about their lives, writing on some papers, or their notebooks (seriously dear author? we are almost in 2017! They write on their smartphones!) their best wishes and goals for the next year!

I’m not that kind of person I write them on Medium! 🤓 
So just in few lines I will share what I would like to achieve:

Get more fluency in english

Yes, unfortunatly I’m not a fluent speaker or writter in english, but it’s time to improve it!

Improve my iOS Development skill

I’m a “junior-mid” iOS Developer with almost 2 years of work experience. My main language is Objective-C and honestly I have a lot to improve and learn.

Get better and better in Swift

As I’ve said, my main language as an iOS Developer it’s Objective-C but recently I’ve started learning Swift. I really like it, I think it’s a clean programming language and the future of the iOS Development so it’s to time to write it as my mother language. (Portuguese btw)

Move to London

That’s a controversial point (Brexit, Employer, Family and Friends) but I can explain… London it’s an old dream, an unrealized dream once I’ve never had the opportunity to move in. I’m a young person, just 23 years, almost 24 and I believe that this year, I mean 2017, will be the right year to achieve this goal.

Release my first own App on the App Store

Nothing much to say, I just know that this year it will be the year. I have 365 days to get an idea, develop that ideia and create an iOS App that represents my product!

More notes? Not really!

Share with me your goals for the next year with a reply. If you want, please give me any suggestion that will help me to achieve my goals in 2017.

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