Automation, AI and ML doesn’t kill good testing

This is a direct reply to the following stories on Appdiff while it runs on the Medium platform, I cannot add comments*. So here goes, in reply to: Test Autonomy Levels and Test Automation is Really Manual

Have you considered the difference in talking about testing features in an app compared to business flows added in business CRM systems? Have you considered that there maybe more to testing than rote confirmation? Have you considered to look into how test practitioners are currently talking about test automation and testing?

Here’s a piece by Paul Gerrard: “Will robots replace testers

We need to take machine learning in testing seriously, but it won’t be taking our jobs just yet. We don’t need more test automation tools; today we need tools that capture tester knowledge. Tools that that learn and think can’t work for testers until we solve the knowledge capture challenge.

Here is some points that the testing practitioners recognize about their work:

The ability to think of new solutions

Being comfortable with chaos

An understanding of technology

High emotional intelligence

The ability to work with people and technology together

It’s actually from Alina Stoica over on Career Moonshots : “Automation doesn’t have to kill your careerbut testing practitioners have been feeling the challenge of shift-left automation for long now, that we have already moved up and away from simple checking and the meme’s of automate everything.

There are already better ways to codify testing and models of testing that you describe. For instance use BDD to codify the business ideas into a Given-When-Then format and set automation to run that again and again. Shift-Left all you want but be aware that even that have limits.

*: It’s it ironic .. I found a bug in production, I thought automation AI, ML and RPA would remove all bugs. Perhaps it’s a feature?