I want to live in Leisure Suit Reality. Where’s Al Lowe when you need him?

REALITY FUTURE 2017: On beyond AR and VR — A Reality For Every Letter!

Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality are just the beginning. In fact, in 2017 there will be a reality for EVERY letter of the alphabet. Here’s a handy list for reference!

AR — Augmented Reality — see MR

BR — Bar Reality — what happens after the fifth drink

CR — Concrete Reality — what happens when you cross Mario Gambino

DR — Dog Reality — that day you called in sick from work after a double BR, scratched your butt all day, and ate biscuits

ER — Emergency Reality — when your boss finds out about DR

FR — F*** Reality — when your boss fires you after finding out about ER and DR

GR — Golf Reality — what your ex-boss used to experience every Friday in the summer

HR — Hostile Reality — what happens when you wear a Broncos shirt to a Raiders game

IR — Intense Reality — when your girlfriend proclaims that either the Vive leaves, or she does

JR — A Texas-sized reality distortion field

KR — Kardashian Reality — a kandy-kolored place too kute for komment. Plus kittens!

LR — Loser Reality — a casino simulation where even Leisure Suit Larry scores more than you do

MR — Mixed reality — see AR

NR — No Reality — what happens when you the electricity gets shut off, or you die

OR — Organized Reality — A place where everything is in its place, yet you can’t find a damn thing.

PR — A reality distortion field so huge, it convinces you that Cardboard is state of the art

QR — A maze of twisty lines and squiggly dots that seem to lead somewhere but never do.

RR — Toot Toot!

SR — Standard Reality — a place the looks, feels, tastes and smells just like where you are right now

TR — Tubby Reality — the latest Magic Leap breakthrough! Put on these glasses and everything looks fatter.

UR — Ultimate Reality — Totally oversaturated — what happens when Instagram filters process the real world

VR — Virtual Reality — the trend that started it tall

WR — Weta Reality — a nifty little world populated by hobbits, elves, lions, a witch and a wardrobe.

XR — Xmas Reality. A place where everyone is named Rudolph, and everyone’s noses glows red

YR — Yellow Reality — A mod, mod, mod world inspired by the Beatles

ZR — Zoo Reality — you’re locked up in a tiny cage, and everyone gathers around twice a day to watch you eat.