10 STEPS TO PREPARE YOU FOR CHILDBIRTH……Birthing out the promises God has planted in you.

Since Lola had to potty at 2am, I find myself awake so….why not pray and read. I am praying and meditating about this year. How i truly believe this will be a time of birthing out the promises all that God has placed on the inside of me. Lately i’ve been thinking of myself and what i need to do to prepare myself for all God wants to do in me and through me this year. Well, since i am ‘birthing’ out promises, why not look up how to prepare yourself for childbirth and labor. I found this article online that looked at the 10 steps to help prepare yourself for labor. Now moms…..i know you did it all natural with no help biting down on a leather belt, but these are just tips that i found related to my walk and encouraged me.

1. Join the head of the class. Here, the article talked about taking a childbirth course so you are not ignorant of what’s about to happen. Here, in my walk i took that as recognize the signs of the time. Stay in close proximity to the Father so things don’t catch you unawares. God will show you what time it is and Holy Spirit will help you navigate. Know, trust and follow your Resources.

2. Find strenth and focus. In this article, they advised that having focus, “strengthens the entire body, increases flexibility and gives you stamina”. My goal for 2017 is to stick so close to God. To purpose to recognize and listen for Him and to Him in every area of my life. To be sensitive to Holy Spirit’s leading. To keep my eyes focused on Jesus. Not looking around and not being distracted. Isn’t being focused on God what gives us strength and stamina?

3. Nix negativity. Come on nah. For this one the article notes that, “graphic images, catastrophic tales and words of discouragement (“You’ll never be able to get that monster out without a C-section!”) can affect your subconscious and create a mental block during labor”. This may even cause labor to be stressful and may even cause pain. We don’t need anyone telling us that we can’t do something God told us we can do. We don’t need to see, hear, speak things against what we know God has told and promised us. Time to lose the weights, people. You don’t need this in the birthing room of 2017.

4. Study up. Know your Word. Know how this life works. Know how your God works and be familiar with each season and step of labor and birthing. What do YOU need to be doing at this time in your process. Get knowledge.

5. Secure support. Have the right people in your life at the right time. Some folks are not meant for this season of your life. It hurts, but it’s true. Know who your true players are in your life, and who is zapping the strength that you need to birth. Everyone is not cheering you on here and you need to recognize who is for you and who is against you, but smiling in your face.

6. Have a trick up your sleeve. Here, the article talks about knowing diffrent ways to manage pain during childbirth. For this, i say have Holy Spirit. He will show how to manage life during this childbirthing year. He is our ultimate teacher and He will guide you through each centimeter of dialation.

7. Get on up. Get in position to get the baby moving down and out. Get your praise on, people. Thank God for the promise and that He is able to bring it to pass. You get in position by getting on your knees.

8. Set the scene. Talks about the ideal enviroment for YOUR labor. Your walk is your walk. How someone else gave birth is THEIR walk. God will do a new, personal thing in you. Set your own scene to receive it.

9. Be a water baby. Here, the article talked about the warmth and weightlessness of a bath can be soothing throughout your labor. That immediately made me think of when you’re deep in worship and you feel like you are floating on air in the spirit realm. Be a worshippper this year. Get in deep with God and this walk will feel so light, so airy and so weightless.

10. Stay true to yourself. Here it talks about how people push all kinds of suggestions on what you need to do during this time. You know people love to fill up your ear space with what you should and should not be doing. You can listen (maybe), but at the end of the day, this is your birthing process, your labor and your walk before God. Do you.

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