Think about it…..

I was reading I Samuel chapter 25 and it was talking about how when David sent some of his men to Nabal to ask him for food for him and his men. Through his men, David reminded Nabal that when Nabal’s shepherds were out on assignment with his sheep, David and his men never harmed them, protected them and treated them well. And David asked for anything that Nabal had left over to give to his servants. Well, in return for David’s kindness towards his shepherds, Nabal makes a mockery of David and his men and sends David’s men back without food but with an earful of insults.

After hearing this, David is ready to “ set it off, up in there, up in there (my translation) and he gets some of his men ready to go to Nabal and destoy the men. In the interim, Nabal’s wife, Abigail, heard what her husband did to David and quickly gathered up food and with her servants went to head off David and hopefully stop the madness. She’s successful in meeting David before he reached her husband and explained to him that she heard what her husband did and wanted to make amends for that by bringing him sheep, grains, raision cakes, etc (verse 18-end). Before seeing her, David was already reasoning with himself about all he did for Nabal and how he was going to destroy him. I can hear David now, ‘He does this to me? To me?’ You know how we would be in that situation. I did all of this for you and you insult me? I did all of this for you and you can’t do this for me? Yeah, okay, I see how you are. So, David is on fire and in his emotions and he wants to get medieval on Nabal. But Abaigail catches David before he reaches her husband with the sheep and other offerings she has for him. She bows before him and pleads with him not to move forward in his qwest to destroy the men in their kingdom. She reminds him that on that day, his Lord has kept him from avenging himself by his own hands. She then starts to prophesy over him (verses 28–31). And in her prophesying to David she says in verse 30, “When (not IF but when) the Lord has fulfilled for my lord every good thing he promised concerning him and has appointed him ruler over Israel, my lord will not have on his conscience the staggering burden of needless bloodshed or of having avenged himself”. She reminded him of his legacy, of his dynasty and how this one moment in his emotions wasn’t worth the burden he would feel later on WHEN God fulfilled everything He said He would in his life.

We’ve all been in situations like David. Our kindness is mistaken for weakness and people take advantage of us. Or we do all we can for people only for those same people to be mean to us. Insult us, not help us, talk about us, lie on us, gossip about us, betray us. Our first instinct is to react like David. Do you know who you’re messing with? Do you know WHO I am and you do this to me after all i’ve done for you? Well, I got something for you. And we’re tempted to come after that person with the same ire they have responded to you with.

But we must be reminded that this moment in our emotions is not worth the imprint it will make on our futures. What we accomplish and how people view us. You know in this day and age we can’t do anything without it being posted on social media and recorded. Nothing is hidden these days and things and mistakes you thought were long buried have a way of surfacing at the most inopportune time. Can you imagine David today? Getting his ‘king on’ and someone from his past is like remember years ago when you got all mad and destroyed that Nabal guy? I found this on Youtube. You were crazy then and you probably crazy now. I don’t know how you made king being the person you are (you know some folks don’t allow you to grow up and change. They still see you as your past mistakes). Now David has to answer and avenge his reputation from a moment in time where he was in his emotions. Not worth it, people. I implore you, before you act, breathe and think. And challenge yourself with questions. Am I in my emotions, am i acting appropriately, is this really how I believe God wants me to respond and is it worth it in the long run?

Just this past weekend I was having a conversation with someone and it irritated me to no end. And after I got home and thought about it, it irritated me even more and I was first going to post something on Facebook (See? everything is recorded these days) because this type of situation isn’t unique and in my head folks need to know to ‘stay in their lane’. And then I was going to call this person and let them know that I was not happy with the conversation we had that day. I thought that would be cool and, again, in my head I was going to be nice when I posted and when I called this person. However, when I told my girlfriend my plans, she said “WHOA, wait a minute. Don’t do that, Kitty (what she calls me)”. She’s like why don’t you wait a few days and let the edge burn off. You’re still a bit emotional and although I agree with what you have to say, doing it right now and the way you’re doing it won’t be received like you think it will. She was my Abigail. My whole point would’ve been lost because I had a moment in my emotions. And by posting it and putting it in the social atmospheric cloud, that ranting (which it probably would’ve been) could easily be brought back to my attention at a time when I wouldn’t want it to. The type of person that I am, I would have said that and have been done. These days, things are never done and now I run the risk of having to defend this and my reputation over and over again should someone decide to dig this up. Been there before where you regretted you ever said or done something? Or, something you’ve done in the past still burdens you? Not a great feeling.

Please be reminded that God sees and knows everything. I don’t have to avenge myself for something evil someone has done to me. They will reap it in due season. And I don’t need to sow anything I am not willing to reap being in my emotions. Oftentimes I challenge myself. I’ll ask myself ‘if I do or say this, then what?’ Sometimes we need to stop, take a step back and look at the bigger picture of our actions and thoughts and really hammer this thing out and determine if what we are saying, doing or thinking is appropriate, is right, is an emotional response and is it a needed response. Some things don’t even need to be answered and everything isn’t a battle of words and deeds. Sometimes silence and no action is the best reaction.

It’s so important to be mindful of these things. For you don’t want a “when the Lord fulfills every good thing He promised to you” to be tarnished by a “when I did a very stupid thing without thinking” moment.

Think about it. Selah