100 Outstanding Audio Stories of 2016
The Bello Collective

Putting a “podcasts of the year list” together is very challenging. This was a really good list but I would add:

  1. History — Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History, King of Kings (Series) — talks about the actual events around the movie 300.
  2. Freakonmics Radio — How to Win Games and Beat People
  3. The Tim Ferris Show — Dissecting the Success of Malcolm Gladwell
  4. The Bill Simmons Podcast, Episode 97, Restaurateur David Chang — the best is the chef saying “if you want to know what its like to open a restaurant, just take $200,000 and burn it in an oil drum” (paraphrased).
  5. Revisionist History — Hallelujah — actually, every episode blew my mind — Malcolm Gladwell can do more than just write — who knew?

Thanks for the list.

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