Your College Degree is Worthless
Isaac Morehouse

Read the last paragraph of this article first to view the axe that is being ground here. Mr Morehouse, who obviously has not raised children to college age, is right about one thing. Your college degree is worthless, because it’s the education that matters.

The point of college is to provide a well rounded, educational background that can be applied to many different problems. College is the new high school. Side hustles are possible and even recommended (I guess I agree with another of Mr. Morehouse’s points). However, the point of college is learn how to learn. Mr Morehouse makes the mistake of confusing data and knowledge and wisdom. Our young people are skimming the surface of things thinking that they are experts (read the Shallows, by Nick Carr). College is the place where the learner can deep dive into subject matter(s). I know a high school educated young man who is a socialist. I have nothing against socialists but he has never read Karl Marx (or the opposite Adam Smith for that matter). This young man is a socialist for wrong reason — He heard a speech by Bernie Sanders once.

We need to be careful not to throw the baby out with the bath water. Universities have served us well for hundreds of years. To a point, the more education the better. My education taught me how to learn and I have never stopped since. Mr. Morehouse misses the point.

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