People keep telling me the Dubs are going to cruise to a second title and keep telling them, this…
Jordan Staiger

With respect, sorry in advance for the loss of your money :)

There’s a dirty little secret that many of the Cleveland fans forget… While health was indisputably an issue last year, having everyone active won’t help as much as you’d think.

Losing Irving and Love let Cleveland fall ass-backward into a play style at flustered the Warriors (in addition to getting an EXTREMELY poor performance out of Klay Thompson and Curry to a lesser extent — first Finals jitters I suspected). With everyone available, Lue will undoubtedly play his normal rotations with Love and Irving… The problem here is glaring — they are both huge defensive liabilities. The Warriors are just too potent and too deep (as we saw in game 1) to give two defensive turnstiles such heavy minutes.

I think Cleveland would put up the best fight if they had Irving OR Love, but not both. Now of course I’m not saying that losing one would make them a better team overall; that would be insane and idiotic. However, it would certainly make them match up better against the near impossible puzzle that is GSW.

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