DX Workshop Season 3 — The Experiment

Season 3 of the Developer Experience Workshops had just kicked off today in Perth. And travelling to Melbourne tomorrow for the meetup tomorrow night and then workshop the day after.

There were a few different firsts today so it was exciting for me to try a few things out and be passionate enough to work hard, prepare hard and execute the session as best I could. The whole outcome was really unknown. Here is a list of firsts for Developer Experience Season 3.

  • Surprisingly, we had never brought this workshop to Perth. There were always excuses but this time, we were coming. There was nothing that was going to stop us.
  • We are running the workshop in two different formats. The first format as an official Oracle event in the Oracle office. The second format as a more casual meetup after hours. It does mean more events. But it also means there is more practice and learning.
  • We stripped the workshop down to the bare-bones and providing a 2hr session. No mini-hackathon. No hands-on labs. These other formats are viable however looking to use these formats to help specific customers upon request.
  • It’s the first time that I’m running this session solo without the awesomeness of Peter Laurie. There is a good reason — two words — Startup Catalyst. Peter will be there for some of the sessions after he gets back from the US. So for me to get up and talk about #TicTacDont, #6KeyThings and #ReadyFireAim was also new (to me).
  • It may seem insignificant to some, but there was a name change to AppDev Made Easy. However, some may also not realise that the workshop was originally change from DX Workshop to CODE Made Easy before changing it to AppDev Made Easy. This was not done lightly and there have been consequences.
  • There were plenty of new stories to add to the session. Including: Bloodhound SSC, IoT Beer and WeDo Hospitality. These are all inspiring.
  • There were plenty of new toys to demonstrate including the new fn project and Apiary. Nice to be able to sit down and show a few of these capabilities.

With all of these changes happening, it would be easy to get lost on the all of the moving parts. It would also be easy to just go do and just see what happens. Here’s another thing that we are doing. We are stepping up the metrics we are collecting about the workshop. The metrics are not about how great we are — ie vanity metrics but to measure our learning and growth. As like in the models we draw (#ReadyFireAim), we are measuring how these metrics are moving and to what effect (#BuildMeasureLearn).

It’s Melbourne tomorrow and Thursday and then Brisbane on Tuesday next week. With 4 more events to execute over the next week, it’ll be interesting to look at the data we collect and to see what we learn (from the data).

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