It takes a village …

Jason Lowe
Aug 22, 2017 · 2 min read

I’ve recently updated my twitter and medium descriptions.

It takes a village to grow. Community, friends and family are important to me.

Here’s just a few thoughts about what this means to me.

  • I can achieve things by myself and we can achieve so much more together with collaborative and supportive people.
  • The common goals of the community is as important as my individual goals.
  • Have mutual respect of everyone’s views and beliefs. It may not be always the same as mine but the respect that we have for each other enables us to support each other.
  • Having an interest in others and finding opportunities to support others.
  • There are times where I need to focus on my immediate goals. This is not a bad thing. This is all about prioritisation. There are different times to focus on family, friends and community.
  • Finding ways to create a bigger community where it creates opportunities to create a better community.
  • The value of connections in a community can help you in ways that you can never dream of. It’s not magic but it can feel like it is magic when it happens.
  • It’s not all about what I can get today but if I can’t feed the family, then I can’t continue what I love doing which is helping and contributing to the community.

This is not just a personal trait but also the way that I like to do business. And I’ve set myself a challenge.

Create a community of different organisations and thought- leaders where ideas and execution can be easily shared.

I’m looking to see how we take this concept and scale it. I’m looking to see how we can take this concept and make it mainstream.

This may be controversial but I want to help blur the lines between startups and enterprises and to help create a community that both exists together. These are my goals.

  • I want to help increase the exposure of startups to enterprises.
  • I want to help increase the understanding of what startup culture can bring back to enterprises.
  • I want to help decrease the friction between startups and enterprises to execute together.
  • I want to help increase the pool of ideas and increase the conversion rate of idea to execution in enterprises.

I realise that these goals are firmly in “The Land of Milk and Honey” and that it will take steps to get there. I also realise that this is not something that I can achieve on my own. It will take a village.

This is already in motion and we are taking steps already to make this real. I’d be keen to collaborate with people that are also passionate about these goals. Contact me and let’s do this together.

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it takes a village to grow. community, friends and family are important to me. and even working for Oracle, I still have my own views and beliefs.