More Stories To Digital Impact Radio

Digital Impact Radio has been a growing podcast where we’ve been talking to different people in the industry about technology and the impacts upon themselves, their businesses and the industry at large. Currently, it’s been something that’s been driven through our own networks and Oracle people interviewing others that we meet.

I’ve been lucky enough to explore outside this community and have come to admire others that have been great in telling stories. One such person is Chris Titley.

Chris in his day job works for as a stockbroker at Morgans Financial Limited. One of the things that he has been able to achieve is to create podcast series focusing on startups and innovators where he has been able to talk to some interesting people about their story — their business, their passion and how they got to where they are now and what’s the future.

I started listening to Chris’ podcast series a few months ago and each podcast has been unique, interesting and with Chris’ personality, they are very down to earth. What I also found out was that some of the stories, I can instantly relate to our community and our customers — whether it’s the problem being solve, the approach that they’ve taken or just the hard work that it takes to conquer the world.

And with that, I’ll start to bring some of these great podcasts to Digital Impact Radio. I’ve already reposted one of Chris’ earlier podcasts where he is talking to Steve Baxter.

Stay tuned where we’ll bring more great content to you on Digital Impact Radio and Digital Impact Conversation.