TADHack ANZ 2017 —In Review

Jason Lowe
Oct 2, 2017 · 8 min read

It’s been 7 days since we announced the winners of the TADHack ANZ (Australia and New Zealand) events in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland. It’s been such a gathering. Some of us like Jaco (from AKL) and Vijay (from Sydney) got on a plane to San Francisco to help out at Oracle Openworld 2017 this week. Some of the TADHack global locations weren’t able to run the same week-end (23/24 Sept) as we did and just over the last couple of days.

So what happened on the weekend? Here’s a snapshot of what happened on the weekend and the photos of the great people that made it happen.

Sept 23 0900+12GMT — AKL kicked off the weekend in ANZ

We had the privilege to include Auckland onto the map for TADHack Global 2017. It was the first event to start off the Saturday morning. When first planning the event there was a sense of growing the community. Thanks to the team in Auckland prompting that we need to have an event to engage with the development community. And here it is.

Sept 23 0900+10GMT —BNE, SYD and MEL kicked off simultaneously

The first time we hosted TADHack Global was in 2015 in the Oracle Melbourne Office and then again at the Oracle Brisbane Office in 2016. We wanted to do more and so we did — Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, all at the same time (along with Auckland). It was a great opportunity for everyone to get involved to build this community. Without the volunteers and the support of organisations like Telstra, muru-D, QUT, QUT Foundry and Oracle, this event locations would not be possible.

As the people rolled in, and the everyone settled down we kicked off the event with some videos from the the global organiser Alan Quayle and some keynotes including Craig Walker from Dialpad, Karel Borgois from Voxist and Ruwan Dissanayaka from Extrogene.

We also heard from our global sponsors and seeing what telecom platforms that had including Apifonica, Restcomm, Temasys, Matrix and Vidyo. Locally, there were APIs provided by Telstra as well as some other APIs and platforms provided by Oracle.

After that, we were all set and done. We had a huge number of people that joined us this year that came along that weren’t in a team. This created a new challenge in people coming together a) to form teams and b) to come up with an idea.

Sept 23 1100+10GMT — Interview Series kicked off from BNE

In Brisbane, we did something new (again). As with the last year, we streamed to Youtube each of the locations. Click Here to find the live streams from around the world. The one thought we had was to add some content to the live stream. I was inspired by Chris Titley and his great style of interviews and enabling startups to tell their story. So, I partnered with QUTfoundry and muru-D to find some guests to interview. And we did. So on Saturday we interviewed a few people from different organisations including from QUT (Business School, School of Justice, Faculty of Law, QUT Foundry) as well as Trumbull Unmanned and Zero Day Solutions. You can find more about these interviews and more in this following article (TADHack Interviews, Pitches and Prizes).

Sept 23 1700+10GMT — We are still going

By this time, the teams are well on their way. Ideas are forming and shaping, the technology platforms that they may not have seen are being tested, the people that formed teams in the morning are becoming friends and team mates.

Sept 24 0900+12GMT — Sunday Comes … and we are almost done

Sunday morning dawned upon our teams. Some teams were working through the night. Others still had their usual night on the town and were very wary that morning. It’s a good thing that we had food for them the next day. They came into the hacker space at different times but were keen to finish this on a high.

Sept 24 1100+10GMT — More Interviews

Whilst everyone was hacking away, we continued the interviews with our guests. Sunday was a little different. We focused more on the startup scene . We started the day with Julie Trell, Head of muru-D and then interviewed a few the muru-D alumni.

Sept 24 1400+12GMT — Pitching Starts in AKL

The time has come for the team in Auckland to show the world what they have achieved. Rainer summed it up quite nicely in his article.

It was delightful to watch their presentation and see their pride of what they had achieved.

Sept 24 1400+10GMT — Pitches Begins in BNE, SYD and MEL

A couple of hours later — Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne had their time to shine. There were great pitches and presentations. It was great to see all of the pitches down and how everyone enjoyed the product of their time over the 2 days.

After all was said and done, it wasn’t over yet. Winners and prizes were needed to be determined and announced. It was a tough decision. I spent a lot of time talking with the different location teams in terms of the criteria, the different pitches and the eventual winners. It was tough.

We eventually made the decisions across the locations and announced the winners. There were lots of congratulations, clapping and applause for each of the teams. Congratulations to them all as well as the other teams as well. To see the winner teams from each location, Click Here for the TADHack Blog about Weekend #1. There will be an announcement as well about the global winners as well. Click Here for the TADHack Blog about the Global Winners (see the comment below).

Sept 24 1700+10GMT — And We Are Done …

As everyone left, a faithful few stayed back to help pack up. It was also a chance for people especially the organisers to unwind and relax after a hectic couple of days.

Here are couple of more articles and links about the event on the weekend.

Thanks to everyone for their support, their passion and their commitment and see everyone next year at TADHack 2018.

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