Dear Hustlers, Hackers and Hipsters,
Jason Lowe

Thanks to everyone that turned up across the AU and NZ region, participated whether as a hacker, interviewee, mentor, coordinator or a do’er. We do these things because we want to (it’s a weekend and it’s personal time). We do these things because there’s meaning (it’s not because I was forced to believe). We had a great time putting this event on and we helped people achieve a few things — whether it’s learning or sharing — this is what this event was about.

We recorded it all live on youtube from all locations — Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland. We conducted 11 interviews over the weekend with 6 startup organisations, 4 researchers, 2 community managers from QUTfoundry and 1 Head of muru-D.

Here’s the TADHack Pitches from the Region:

Here’s the interviews as well:

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