“Hollywood Please Make a Movie That Inspires African Americans -Not About Slavery- But About Being a American”

Birth of a Nation official trailer (2016)

Hollywood has yet another slavery epic to roll out in October based on the story of Nat Turner’s 1831 slave revolt called “The Birth of a Nation” that I assume is a play on the name of the famously racist D.W Griffith’s hollywood silent film classic depicting the ‘Klu Klux Klan’ as hero’s of the southern culture of thee post recunstruction civil war American south.

As a white southern American male you could imagine my guilt at the mear mention of it all. Except I dont feel guilty. I had nothing to do with the slave trade and for that matter neither did my family, but that isnt really the point. The point is that there has to come a time where we as a nation let it go, because the only people it truly effects are African Americans and their American expirence.

Now if your reading this and you dont live in the American south I wouldn't expect you to understand, however having lived here my entire life and primarally in an small southern town that has always been mostly white, race is still a visiual reality here and by that I mean it’s very noticeable that we live seperate and different lives. We hardly ever interact socially and when we do it feels like everyone is on edge and is careful not to say much in front of the “outsiders”. It’s not a white thing only, it’s even more so with backs. You can feel the mistrust in the air that’s already been set up for the you both of you before you even cross paths because African Americans are constitatly being reminded that white people will always view them as inferior because of our “institutional hatered” for anyone who is black which is compleatly ludacris but it ends up being a self fafilling prophecy in the end.

I will never forget after I had watched Django Unchaned and the credits started to roll. I just sat for a second silently in my seat to gather my thoughts until I turned slowly in the theater to my best friend who saw it with me and said “that was awesome - well except for the fact it set race relations back 30 years” and he laughed and nodded in agreement. America has a lot of problems right now and it cant afford to become fractured and weakend. The truth is that “Black Lives Matter” movement’s perpose is to do just that because they ever seem to have any answers except ones that piss off people. The Name itself “Black Lives Matter” implying as if I somehow never knew that.

It seems everytime I turn on the TV, catch up on some current events reading, or just try watching a movie that I’m being innodated by The Root’s remake, 12 years a Slave, Django Unchained, and now this movie “The Birth of a Nation” that has on their movie poster a black mans head in a noose made out of the American flag. Well that’s suttle.

Hollywood and the media seems only to be interested in further stoking the racial fires in America and reinforce the image of the “wickedness of the white race” at a time where the country needs unity. It makes me think that maybe its intentional and that they are dividing us on purpose. I often wonder if Hollywood will ever make a movie about how the “institution of slavery” was originally started and allowed to flourish in the first place? The social justice warriors of Hollywood who repeatedly rail against Americas “institutionalized racism” surly would be interested in that you would think.

In what was called the ‘triangular trade,’ or ’African slave trade’ as it would be known as today, and was owned and operated primarily by Dutch, British, French, Spanish, and Portuguese Jewish merchants and captains who had immigrated to the New World to avoid the financial boycotts of the Spanish Inquisition and persecution from the Vatican in Rome in Europe.

The ‘triangle trade’ brought slaves from Africa to the West Indies and there exchanged them for molasses, which in turn was taken to New England and converted into rum to then be sold in Africa. Jewish merchants who owned the “cargo-aka- slave ships’ not only participated in critical logistical and financial roles in the ‘institution of slavery,” they were also the primary money lenders and record keeper’s of the slave markets where slaves were bought and sold to colonial farmers.

Now I’m not saying the Jewish population is somehow “evil” or more responsible for the “original sin” of the country because they where just making a living. Somehow, I don’t think that movie would go over to well with the owners of the “institutional Hollywood” crowd. Their feelings of moral surpiriority and self riotousness might be effected if the “southern white male” was let off the hook every once and awhile. Its ok. Were used it now. They can wear their “white” scarlet letter all around Los Angeles apologizing to anyone that would listen.

My point is that we get it, slavery was horrible and a stain on the nation’s past and we should never forget, forgive, or repeat it. But lets face it folks, there hasn’t been slaves in America for a long time now. Understanding the “white privalige” mindset is to understand individualism and independance. The more someone gives you the more you will own them. You want help? Do it your fucking self and handle your shit. Power in this world is never given away, it is always taken.

Once we can finally be truthful with one another in the open then hopefully it will actually bring solutions forward and bridge the gap between “White America” and “Black America” and finally usher in the “American’ era. A place where we dont lump entire groups into broad generalizations and treat one group or the other with kid gloves. The African Amaerica community has a complex of infireority that is deep and will not disapear overight . To be be honest, times are tough and the world is changing fast so white America kind of doesn’t care either way. We just think you all are waisting your time asking us for some kind of “equality badge” because the last time I checked I didn’t get one of those bad boys. The only equality we can ever hope for in this life is in our US constitution and Bill of Rights.

I am a strong believer in the understanding that if you keep rehashing and highlighting the past then people can never build towards a future. Absolutely, slavery was largely in the American south, but there was plenty of northern bankers and businessmen in New York City, Boston, and many other cities around the world. that made their fortune from it. It’s truth time, because I’m tired of listening to the same solutions to a evolving problem. The real “devil” here is the international financial system of trade and debt.

Black Lives Matter” is right. African Americans are being targeted by the police, but they are being misled though however as to exactly why. The “war on poverty” in the 60’s sold as “civil rights” gave government assistance and funding to black communities. Most would agree it has failed in it’s mission to eradicate poverty. Most then would be wrong. It has been a resounding success and has done as it was intended to do. It has kept the African American community economically stagnant and trapped in a cycle of poverty and dependence on government funding. The very same strategy was used to subjugate the native Americans.

Ever wonder why they call it the “war on poverty”, “war on drugs”, or “war on terror” yet the problems seem to only expand and get worse? This is why. October 6, 1917 with the passage of the Trading With the Enemy Act. This act gave the President the power to regulate, during time of war, all financial transactions involving any “individual, partnership, or body of individuals residing within any nation with which the U.S. is at war.”

Then on March 9, 1933, five days after Roosevelt’s inauguration and four days after he had declared a national emergency, Congress passed the Emergency Banking Act, which amended the Trading With the Enemy Act to include regulation of transactions not only with the enemy but also between American citicens during time of war or national emergency. In simpler terms that means it turned the American citizens into “enemies of the state” which gave them the right to seize our property and wealth.

The “War on Poverty” or “War on Drugs” gave them the legal right to treat its own citizens as “eneimies of the state”. Now the government wants its money back to reinvest elsewhere. Maybe the millions of new hispanic immigrants flooding into the country, perhaps? It’s why we all have birth and death certificates and a social security number. We are all corporate entities that are products bought, sold and traded in the market as commodities. We are ALL slaves.

The government isn’t targeting blacks because it’s racist, it’s simply just recouping it’s property-as a BANK claims it’s collateral when a debt is unable to be paid. We are all Americans and we are all in the same boat. It’s time we all reject the divisive poison we are fed by our media and failed leaders and reclaim our birthright to our individual sovereignty under common law and shed the international maritime law that turned our local and federal government, courts, citizenship, even the very ownership of our own physical bodies into organs of profit, theft, and subjigation to circulate caital flow out of the hands of American citizens and into foreign banking institutions. Its what our founders warned us of and we let happen slowly over time and let them devide us into groups instead of being united as Americans. Banks and the institutions that grow up around them have always despised the human spirit for freedom since the eternal beginning.

It’s time we replace our corperate parasitic institutions that only recycle human oppression and robbery with constitutional public and transparent entities that are self-governed and accountable only to the citizens of the United States of America. We were all given equality to be who we were born to be regardless of race or station in our revolution with our bill of rghts and our sovereign United States of America citizenship. Notice I didn’t say our corporate UNITED STATES citizenship. The only color privalige our current system has is GREEN. The Trading With the Enemy Act was the begging of the end of our constitutional rights that sheilded us from harrasment and persicution from the government. Repeal this act and our government returns to protecting the rights of all citizens equally under the law, instead of only the ones who can afford it.