3 simple apps for better iPhone photos

iPhone is the best camera phone on the market today, and for many of us, it’s the primary tool we use to document our lives.

As a freelance photo/video guy who uses a fancy camera, but who also enjoys capturing life with my iPhone, here are the photography apps I use to give my shots just a little more punch.

Shot with PRO HDR X in iPhone 6

Pro HDR X ($2)
HDR photography (high dynamic range) essentially captures more details in an image. In standard pictures, details are lost in the bright or dark areas, so that the main subjest is properly exposed. Pro HDR X captures more detail in both the lights and dark of your image, making it pop more than a normal shot. The iPhone in-camera app has an HDR option, but I find this app works much better.

Shot and edited with VSCO Cam on iPhone 5S

VSCO Cam (Free)
This is the app I use most because it enables me to fine tune my images to look just how I want them too. Yes, it has cool filters, but VSCO also offers a full range of editing tools like exposure, temperature, contrast, highlight and shadow adjustment, saturation, tint, grain and a few others. It’s a fun tool to play with if you’re new to the art of photo editing, as it lets you easily see what certain adjustments can do to alter the look and feel of your image.

Images shot with iPhone 5S and edited in Diptic to share a thank you card I received from a client.

Diptic ($1)
This is a simple app to combine photos together into one image. Great for flyers or invites or just another way to creatively share the images you take.

There you have it. There are certainly lots of other great photography apps out there, but these are the three I’d miss the most if they were taken away.

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