My go-to phone is an iPhone 8, from the common saying “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, I typically use older models as they are cheaper to fix / replace. With that in mind I was attempting to locate a phone case that had the following:

  • Protect phone from rugged use
  • Ability to wireless charge without taking the case off
  • Quickly attach a small wallet to the back of the case
  • Slim / sleek design
  • Magnetic connection to vehicle vent which also wirelessly charges

The case closest to matching those needs was the Mous Limitless 2.0 Case. All…

My tenure at my previous company was challenging, exciting and rewarding. I was given great responsibility and expected to find solutions in areas that were unfamiliar. I enjoyed working with the team and appreciate the vast knowledge I gained. However, with many start-ups, you risk failure, from which I experienced a mass layoff. Shortly with the onset of Covid and constant economic instability it became more difficult to locate full time employment.

Being unemployed for many months I learned to overcome the challenges of the dilemma through simple practices and habits:

  1. Make Your Bed: Best said by admiral William McRave…

Jesse Radzikowski

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