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This week, I launched an e-newsletter with podcast recommendations. You can subscripe to The Podcast Hunt here:

Here is the introductory issue…

First things first. If nothing else, do this:

1. Listen to this episode, The Living Room, from Love + Radio.
2. Share the subscription link with your podcast-loving friends.

Unless your last name is Ringoen, you subscribed to this e-newsletter, The Podcast Hunt, by choice. Wowza! Hopefully you are either a podcast enthusiast or realize you should be.

If you don’t know how you got here or what a podcast is, let me know by replying to this email. I’ll help you get started.

This past weekend, I had the chance to learn from many of the podcasters I have come to idolize at the industry’s largest conference, Podcast Movement. Not only were the presenters — including Marc Maron, Pat Flynn and Sarah Koenig — masters of their craft, their humility and authenticity perfectly capture the spirit of the nerdy yet lovable podcaster community.

How have podcasts moved me enough to travel to Fort Worth, Texas in the middle of summer to attend a conference dedicated to them?

Perhaps it’s the bond I’ve formed with my favorite hosts — no surprise given that they are literally in my head (via my headphones) for several hours per day. Or maybe it’s because I’m not forced to make time to consume audio. While I walk to work, wait at a bus stop, cook dinner and run errands, I listen. Podcasts weave themselves seamlessly into my life. They bring joy and productivity to otherwise lame, arduous tasks.

Of course, not all podcasts touch our hearts and blow our minds. For every auditory masterpiece, there are two guys in a basement talking into microphones à la Wayne’s World. And, like a good book, finding the right episode can be time consuming and frustrating.

The idea behind The Podcast Hunt is simple: to build a community of listeners to share, discover and discuss podcasts. Though we’ll start as an e-newsletter, my hope is to eventually provide a platform that’s more social and collaborative. Let’s help each other find our next listen.

Here’s an episode to get your feet wet until the first official issue.

Show: Love + Radio
Episode: The Living Room (listen here via Stitcher)
Release Date: March 6th, 2015
Length: 25 minutes
Why Listen: This episode has what I call “The Driveway Effect” — you will find yourself sitting in your car at your destination until it ends. Then you’ll linger there for another 5 minutes contemplating the meaning of life while staring into the distance. Gripping storytelling and a rollercoaster of emotion, all packed into 25 minutes.
I showed you mine, now show me yours. Send me a must-listen episode right now by replying to this email.

Talk soon,
P.S. Have a friend or ten who loves podcasts? Let’s get them subscribed. Don’t cost nothin’.

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