Me & my meds
Rosemary Donahue

…although I feel I should add, as a caveat or to the other side of my argument, I remain perplexed and annoyed to this day by the many people I know who feel I am either lying about taking Topomax for psychiatric reasons and trying to hide it; believe me when I say I am taking it for intractable migraines but feel I should be doing “something else to try and get off meds”, as if taking medication is some sort of moral failure (I have suffered from migraines since I was five years old. FIVE); or suggest some “easy fix” they clearly read on the internet or heard from some friend as if I am ignorant and have never heard of this before or tried it. I am 44 years old and tried everything and I am not stupid. I did not enjoy spending my life in pain. I don’t take Topomax for fun. I don’t enjoy forgetting words I was looking for when I am a writer (it’s called “dopomax” for a reason, haha). But it sure beats spending 24 hours a day in agony, which is how bad it got before I finally got a referral to the nest neurologist I ever saw. Why do random internet friends think they know better than her? Where is their medical degree? This is what I want to know when they give me dumb advice like “just drink more water”.

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