Me & my meds
Rosemary Donahue

There’s two important facts people conflate all the time: 
#1 — doctors misdiagnose and over medicate patients frequently

#2 — this doesn’t mean that there aren’t plenty of conditions that are treated very effectively by taking the right medicine in the right dose.

I remain to this day skeptical of psychiatrists after my own very long, very boring series of terrible experiences with them. In the end, like you, I ended up taking Topomax for migraines. Topomax is not a psychiatric drug — they have actually been sued for claiming it has any benefit for bipolar patients. It does not. However, it is a known effect of migraines (a neurological, not a psychiatric condition) to cause bizarre moods swings in the hours before and after a migraine. Preventing the migraine cycle can stop these mood swing and seem as if it is curing a bipolar condition that does not, in fact, exist. Just one example of poor communication among doctors and misdiagnosis leading to poor, off label use of medication.