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In the fast-paced culture of modern life, keeping a journal for writing seems to be a thing of the past

Some writers simply sit down at their computer and begin writing. However, these writers are few and far between. Without a doubt, there are times when the ideas flow and typing them out into an online article is much faster and easier than writing the ideas out on paper.

There are many different types of journaling that writers can apply to their craft. There are those writers who prefer journal planner where they can have a mini reminder/secretary on their own, so they can keep track not just with their ideas, but deadlines as well. Some writers keep journals filled…

Running an ethical, values-based business can be challenging.

You want to do the right thing by yourself, your team members and your community. Everybody does.

But sometimes the ethical boundaries can become a tad blurry.

For example, at what point does marketing cross the line over into unethical influencing? At what point does marketing become propaganda?

Is there a difference?

Many academics, philosophers, marketers (and copywriters) and political commentators have grappled with the distinction over the years.

There’s an old saying “When we do it it’s marketing, when they do it it’s propaganda”. While the saying has humour on the surface, there’s more to it than meets the eye.

There is common…

More businesses have since come on board now using cryptocurrency as payment method. Here’s why…

Cryptocurrency has proliferated global business rapidly as more companies embrace it as the primary method of transacting. Companies like Tesla, Lionsgate Films, Virgin Galactic, Microsoft, among others were among the first companies to integrate the technology into their systems.

More businesses have since come on board now using cryptocurrency as payment method. This is because companies have become increasingly conscious about keeping up with the latest technologies, especially those that improve cost and operational efficiencies. However, any savvy business owners should first consider 409A valuations and then weigh the pros and cons of adding cryptocurrency to a new venture.

Reduced Processing Time


After starting our business, some years back, we had very high hopes that the business would grow immensely.

Few years after the startup, the business was doing fine until we were stuck to one level for a long time. We realized our business was stuck when we could see the same little results throughout the period.

Being stuck in business is a common struggle that entrepreneurs face, and most of them give up on their businesses. However, we did not give up on our business, but we had to look for ways to unstuck our business.

1. Identify where you are stuck in your business

Firstly, we had to find out where we were stuck in our business before looking for solutions. The most common places that…

Rapid technological advancements lead to things developing in surprising ways.

Technology has had a significant impact on our lives, and its effects are also being felt in the business world due to its increased popularity in commerce. It is for this reason that a technology platform, as well as a strategy, is well capable of adjusting to the current trends, especially with customer preferences always changing.

As a seller, your aim should always be to improve further your responsive platform and improve your customer’s experience. Consequently, the incorporation of the technological breakthrough, Artificial Intelligence (AI) in commerce, has resulted in significant progress of e-commerce companies hence causing a market boom.

Whitey was a neglected dog, roaming in front Robinson’s Mall, looking for food and shelter. She was once owned, gave birth to a beautiful puppy. When the owners moved, they brought her puppy with them and just left this poor mother. Her condition — crooked legs. Due to constant animal abuse in Mindanao, she was beaten multiple times. Who did it? Nobody knows and nobody will talk.

Rocio was owned by someone but the moment he started feeling ill, the owners abandoned him, letting him to die on the streets. A concerned animal advocated reported to the local rescue team about him, when she saw him scavanging for food, face bleeding with blood.

A DIY guide to white hat SEO

I have been doing guest posting since 2011. I received an email from someone saying he’d send a guest post with his link on it for my tattoo removal blog and pay me some amount. I don’t have to write the article as well, so I thought why not. He provided me a 500-word article related to my blog’s niche. I posted it the same day, then emailed him the URL and my Paypal address. The next day, $100 was sitting in my account.

A few years before that, I was accustomed to spinning articles with the help of automated…

In the course of transacting business and communicating with your clients, you will have to draft a couple of letters. This will definitely require you to possess great writing and blogging skills. For years, though, there is an ongoing debate as to whether these skills are indeed vital or not.

To put an end to this discussion, I deemed it necessary to showcase the significance of these skills here. After all, crafting words isn’t just about creating fictions and fantasies; it’s about influencing the emotions, whether you are in to creative writing or business writing.

So what exactly is business writing?

Business writing simply entails drafting…

…and how to withdraw your MPP earnings for Non-US writers

Content writing is one of the best ways to earn online, even though there’s an upsurge in the number of writers.

The number of websites has sky-rocketed and quadrupled over time, and with the increasing revenue generated from these sites, it’s not uncommon than the number of writers is also getting high.

Content writing is also the most important media globally and will die only with this world.


Because it is based on human natural power of expression. All human being make use of voice and voice uses words to express everything they do. …

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