Our Generation is Way to Impatient

Ever notice how people these days can’t wait for anything if it takes longer than 30 seconds? This is the cause of this current generation caused by multiple issues that may have already been discussed, such as, technology changing, culture change, and even careers.

Remember when we had dial up for the internet? We couldn’t use the internet as well if someone else was on the phone, how long that would take to sit there and wait for it to load; this was just the beginning. Since then, with Apple technology especially, we don’t have to wait for anything to load anymore it’s just instant. So when we are forced to wait for a page to load it gets super frustrating and we think that there is a problem with our computer, when in reality we’re just all to impatient to wait the extra 30 seconds.

Culture change is another aspect as to why our generation doesn’t “have the time” to wait for anything. In today’s culture, our time is money, meaning if someone is let’s say 5 minutes late to a meeting, those executives waiting for you will most likely be gone by the time you get there. No one has time to wait for anything anymore unless it happens when it was planned for. If you have ever heard the phrase, “to be early is to be on time, to be on time is to be late, and to be late, don’t even bother.” I constantly tell myself this every day when going to class, or even meeting up with a friend, because I know, including, me everyone values every second of their time and they have none to waist. For example, when I make plans to meet up for dinner with a friend and they show up 10 minutes late, I begin to get frustrated unless they have a valid excuse. The reason I get frustrated is because I could have spent that extra time doing something else.

Getting a career these days is a very timely matter. No one has time, especially a big time company, to wait for you for a potential interview. If you show up late to that interview, you missed it.

What comes with impatience comes with frustration and so on. No one is going to waste their time to wait for someone who is constantly late or not on time. Some tips that could help with impatience is time management, find things to do in the mean time just in case someone does show up late, or simply tell the other person, bluntly, if you are late I will not give you my time. That way they know not to waste any of your valuable time and money.

Not saying impatience is a bad thing, it can actually be looked at as a strength in some ways. It keeps people motivated, on time, and always working and staying focused. It also shows that you have time management and live by a schedule because you do have important things to get done showing you are responsible and mature.