“To teach one must know the nature of those whom one is teaching.”

I see that face, the one you pass by when you are in the market. The one who wants a chance but doesn’t know hope. I pray for discernment to focus on that one…That one person who needs You the most; the one You hung on a tree for; that soul You died to save. Yes I see that face…that one…the one You gave Your life for. Now, let me spend the rest of mine, spreading Your love one face at a time.

I sit there riding along on those winding paths while the sun kisses my face and I swear I can feel You, I know You are with me. I hear Your songs sung through our tour guide whom accompanies us on our hours through the villages. I see Your smile on my teammates face’s and I can hear Your still small voice as the wind brushes through the trees. I can feel you all around me, you put a piece of you in each one of us. Yes, You are surely with me. Everywhere I go, You will be there before me, making a way for me.

The message is so simple, and I have to believe there is a part of it within us all. That somehow you placed a story in all of us before we were ever a part of this world. I have to see the chance You gave, the grace You put in us all, so as ones lost, we could be found. So we could see You, when the whole world seems so dark, so cold; your light warms my heart. Your love rains upon my soul and I know where my strength comes from. Surely You are a God who wants us to succeed.

As I taught, their eyes were intently watching my every move. I felt the spirits of every person raise as the truth filled that room; brokenness and incompleteness vanish with each studied word. These souls that chose to spend a year of their lives simply to know the very word of the Creator, somehow pushes me forth. I learn about them, their struggles and who they really are, and they learn about the only thing in this entire world that matters…Love… Oh how He loves you.

This is Love, my very students scraped the money together needed last month and paid for me to stay and continue teaching them the Bible. “To teach one must know the nature of those whom one is teaching.” I’d say I know the nature of those whom I am teaching….they show me everyday why God has called me here for such a time as this.

This is an ongoing journey and everyday God continues to meet my needs. I ask you to pray for me and with prayer and petition ask God if He would have you contribute to the mission, as I need $850 monthly to continue here. The mission is within us all, some are called out and some to stay, we all have our own mission field. By partnering with me your mission field just expanded. Thank you for reading and to make a reoccurring or one time donation please follow the links below.

Many Blessings,

Jennifer Thompson

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Many blessings,

Jennifer Thompson

(top photo credit: Trenton Lefmann, blog edit: Candace Jenkins)

Hi and Thank you for visiting! I am Jennifer Thompson and this is my page. I am a missionary and full time voluntary Bible teacher at the University of the Nations, YWAM in Kona.

This ministry is an intense 9 months each year of teaching the Word of God to students of YWAM so they can go out into the world and share the message. We break down each page of the Bible, in order to properly speak the Word of God all around the Nations. God has been so faithful through this journey and has provided the funds needed for basic living necessities thus far. Every month $850.00 is needed to continue the ministry I have be sent to do here at YWAM. I rely solely on your support to be able to live and continue teaching this wonderful message.

As you read my stories of the ministry we are doing here and around the world, please consider making a donation by following the links above. Your support is needed and greatly appreciated! As you continue to contribute to the mission you are also sowing a seed in the Kingdom of God, thank you!

Many blessings,

Jennifer Thompson

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