Drowsy Thoughts: Expectations

As I wake up I always take a few minutes to think about my life: What do I want to accomplish and where do I want to be in the future.

Today is a new day, a great day. I woke up exited, I felt like I had the power to change the world — well at least my world — unfortunately as the minutes went by, this powerful feeling was diminished by my anxiety. Suddenly butterflies filled my stomach and nervous thoughts took over my head.

This was supposed to be a great day at job, I started with a new client in a new position. This meant I had a lot of new opportunities ahead of me. As it turned out I needed to practice a lot more before I jumped into that pool.

I consciously accepted this challenge. I needed to push my limits, after all, my current status is becoming more and more static. In the afternoon, as I came back home I read an article, it was titled: “Do You Have The Patience Needed To Succeed?” and, as I finished reading it, I realized… I’m not obligated to be the best in one day, I’m expected to become better and learn from other, more experienced, people.

I took the actions needed to accomplish my long term objectives. I decided not to become passive and actually took the first step to become a better person: keep going forward.