As I boarded the boat, I felt the warmth from the humidity of the sea as they threw me inside the bottom deck and locked the door. I felt the aroma of the others over take me making my eyes burn, while I hear the screams and cries of the other slaves circle around my head almost making me want to vomit. I heard a voice coming from the other side of the boat, sounding like it was deprived of hope and filled with fear.

“What’s your name?” Said an old man with a balding head and a beard the color of white snow with rib cage almost exposed and his stomach almost non existent.

“Oluwafunmilayo Chukwudi” I replied while rubbing the stubble i’m growing.

“Where are you from? You don’t look from theses parts.” Said the old man with a questionable face. I was from Mali but decided to cross the small strip of land to Guinea, through my curiosity I wanted to see what their was and as I kept going some white men came and flogged me, they thought I was one of their slaves because of the tattered cloth I was wearing because I wasn’t very wealthy.

“You were foolish to come here due to your curiosity. Now you are stuck here for good and will have to work for your masters now.” replied the old man with a sad and almost sentimental with his food deprived face.

It felt as if many had lost their hope of escaping and the others were dreaming instead of plotting almost as if they were tranced by some force made them oblivious of everything as if the more they were here, the more humanity is left. I started to lose hope as I sat in the putrid room, I figured out that leaving was useless with the only way out is by the door they pushed me through. Even if we were able to open the door, two armed guards ready to attack, I knew this after they threw me inside the corner of my eye caught them getting back to position where they resided with their Bakery infantry rifles. The only thing that benefited me is that they didn’t have a full load of slaves due to the people of Guinea to stay away this gave me the ability to move my legs and stretch more compared to other slaves in other ships. As the ship moved and left the port I saw the kids and adults (even me) cried and scream to the top of their lungs to let them leave since they didn’t want to leave the land they grew in would never be seen again. As we were in the middle of our voyage to Maine a man that looked in his mid-20s tried to jump off but was caught by some type of net but wasn’t taken to the main deck and pushed on the floor and as a loud blow was heard as a 18–25cm. lead ball entered his head causing a splatter of blood to paint the floor, laying motionless, they knew he was going to be a nuisance later on.

As I was eating I saw a weird speck of green on my slop and that’s when I heard of the rumour on how the white men would poison the food of people they didn’t like and due to this I was flogged many times that I got my bone dislocated from my spine causing me a restless sleeps. As I awoke I heard a weird moaning from the sea, they took all the slaves and hid them in groups around the ship in case of a pirate attack was to occur. We remained in silence with our faces in shock, I didn’t understand what was happening since I mostly lived inland but it felt as if i was not the only one confused and scared. A giant crash came from side of the boat with the group that was huddled with mostly children, all killed by the force of the sea entering our inclosed space with the ones not knowing to swim met their demise.

Someone grabbed a piece of debris and smashed it on the door opening it, letting some of us escape and as we went on deck the floor felt as if it was being pulled by the ground. As we stood there, we saw the white men readying a boat ready to escape, until a splash came from the sea and as sprinkles of water fell to the sea.

“Blue whale nearby!” screamed one of the white men with a raspy, hollow, malicious voice.

This filled me with rage and as I ducked to get a jagged piece of wood, I ran and impaled the stick inside one of the white men causing him to cough blood causing the cloth that was once white have blotches of red. Many of the other slaves joined in with the floor covered and red and bodies until a black smoke surrounded me and an incredible force pushed me to the floor with a sharp pain coming from my abdomen and feeling hot and as I saw the sky it started to blacken until all I saw was darkness. As I awoke I was under an inch of water and as I tried to stand I felt immense pain and as I fell all I saw was bodies and blood everywhere, I tried to stand again this time being able to move as I walked around there was no one walking or moving, I walked to the boat that was prepared and sailed away.

I saw a nearby island and as the air flowed around me it felt as if I was a new man, I held my abdomen and ripped the lead ball and threw it to the sea as I eagerly watched the island expand, until grounding on the hot sand and taking my first step.